Liturgy for Primary Teachers

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Formation to help teachers confidently & creatively prepare liturgy in the Primary school.

Course Overview
Module 1: Introduction to Liturgy
Module 2: Structure of the Mass & Liturgical Year
Module 3: Singing & Music
Module 4: Adapting & Creating Liturgical Prayers
Module 5: Ministers & Ministries
Module 6: Liturgy other than Mass
Module 7: Preparing a Mass Step by Step
(Total course time: approx. 5 hours)

Topics Include:
Þ Using the Directory for Masses with Children
Þ Recommended adaptations for children
Þ The parts of the Mass
Þ Adapting & creating prayers
Þ How to choose music for different parts of the Mass
Þ Using projection screens in liturgy
Þ Creating a liturgical space
Þ Bringing the Liturgy of the Word alive for children
Þ Children in liturgical ministry
Þ The importance of participation by all
Þ Preparing “non-Mass” liturgies
Þ Step-by-step guide to preparing a Mass