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This complete package for preparing a Catholic funeral has been designed for families who are preparing the funeral of a loved one. It includes the new-release electronic program, The FUNERAL by LITURGIA  and its companion book, THE FUNERAL which provides the prayers and readings in hard copy format.

It offers simple preparation of a funeral liturgy, including all options for prayers, readings and texts, and ensures that all elements of the liturgy are included in the correct sequence. There is no need to type in any texts - simply view the options and click on the preferred text or reading to have it appear in the liturgy.

After entering the name of the deceased at the outset of the program, this name will appear automatically throughout the funeral liturgy whenever it occurs in prayers and Mass texts. 

Created liturgies can easily be exported to MS Word or PDF to share with your parish priest, or to prepare Order of Service booklets for printing, and there is a wide range of formatting features.

The program runs on all Internet enabled devices: PCs, Macs, Tablets and Phones.

For copyright reasons, each licence for The FUNERAL by LITURGIA is valid for one funeral only, and must not be passed on to any third party.